Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Days!

As a teacher, there is little that gets me more giddy than the first snow of the winter that will warrant an automated call or text saying "NO SCHOOL!" Pure elation. It's even better if you get the message the night before so that you can go to bed knowing that you can sleep late in the morning. With two teachers and a kindergartener in our house you can imagine the anticipation. So, last Sunday night was one of those times. Not a lot of snow, but enough. Not one, but 2, count 'em, 2 snow days!

Having said that, a snow day, and cold temps in general, also bring on an added burden on the farm. Turns out, livestock don't take snow days. Nor do dogs, cats, and rabbits. This means busting ice, feeding more hay, and extra shelter, if possible.

Monday morning, Bret, PK (my daddy), Cash and I bundled up and headed to the bottom to put out hay for 164 head of cattle.

 What a sight!

PK and Cash did most of the work. Bret drove the truck and I took pics.


Best Buds!

 Some of our fine, furry (ok, hairy) friends paused for their close-ups.

What an overachiever.

The snow was pretty while it lasted but we now that we've seen it we are all ready for warmer temps and greener pastures. Bring on Spring!

To Blog or Not to Blog.

I've been trying to decide if I wanted to start a blog or not.
Will I have time?
Will anyone care what I have to say?
Will this just be something that I start and then never do again?
Only time will tell. However, I decided that if I could come up with 10 reasons to do it then, I would. So, here we are.
These are Kelly's Top Ten Reasons Why I Should Blog (David Letterman style).
10. Everybody else is doing it. I know what your thinking. "If everybody else jumped off a bridge would I do that too." The answer is no. It's a blog. Calm down.
9. I enjoy reading other people's blogs and I think hope that someone else will enjoy what I have to say.
8. My parents won't join Facebook but they might go to my blog if they get an email message saying that I have posted something new.
7. I'm not a fan of making tons of Facebook status' and clogging up everybody's news feed. This is more like an optional status update. You can read it or not without having to delete me for obsessive posting.
6. I like to write and there aren't many book deals for a simple gal like me.
5. My in-laws live 6 hours from here and this will be an easy way to keep them updated between visits.
4. Having "followers" sounds cool in a non-cultish kind of way. I know, I could have "followers" on Twitter but it's just not the same.
3. This will be an electronic diary/scrapbook/memoir that we can all look back on years from now. (When I read a statement like this I say the word "slash" between the words. Do you? You know, like, diary slash scrapbook slash memoir. Is that weird?)
2. I have a cute kid that I like to take pictures of and I hate to keep all of that cuteness to myself.
1. I just wanna!
See? Who doesn't want to see that? It would be a crime against humanity to hoard all the cuteness.
So, wish me luck and happy blog reading!